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Heavy rains & floods lot of damage & disruption in AP

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The incessant rain has created a lot of damage and disruption in Andhra Pradesh. At Least six districts in the state have been hit by a severe depression and nearly 450 villages have been affected by the floods and hundreds of kilometers of roads are damaged.

Heavy rain continued with a brief interval yesterday and continues to pour in Andhra Pradesh, causing damage to roads and disrupting power supply in several places. For the second time in less than 20 days, the river Krishna is overflowing, as it received a heavy flood due to rainfall over the last three to four days.

Even the transportation has been affected, roads have been submerged with flood waters at several pockets in the state and road are cut off across the north coastal and coastal Andhra Pradesh. The Paddy fields in Godavari Districts have been submerged in waters and the crops have almost been damaged. The banana plantations too have been damaged severely.

As per the sources, at least 1,600 Hectares of horticulture alone was damaged due to heavy rains in East Godavari District alone. The paddy loss in East Godavari alone is about 1,300 hectares.

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