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HMWSSB breakthrough in flood relief efforts

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Hyderabad:  Municipal Minister KTR, Water Board Managing Director Dana Kishore directed that water board officials and staff be actively involved in flood relief operations in the flood-hit areas as per instructions. Supply of 26,70,000 liters of fresh water by 534 tankers in the flooded areas: Distribution of fresh water cans and fresh water packets in submerged inland areas: Bleaching powder and chlorine tablets were distributed door to door.

The water board has taken relief measures for those who are facing difficulties in getting good water supply in many parts of Hyderabad city due to heavy rains in the last few days. MD Dana Kishore directed the authorities to expedite water supply restoration works in the submerged areas of the city. Water tankers visited the flood-hit areas and distributed fresh water through water cans and water pockets in areas where tankers could not go.

Details of water supply / distribution today:

Tankers: 534 trips 26,70,000 liters: Fresh water cans: 1700: Fresh water bottles: 2500: Fresh water packets: 25,000: Chlorine tablets: 2,50,000: Bleaching powder: 3108 kg distributed.

People appeal to the Water Board:

The fresh water that supplies drinking water to ORR areas, including the Hyderabad metropolis, is clean and safe for consumption.

Water Board CPHEEO (Central Public Health and Environmental Engineering Organization) standards ensure that water has 1 ppm of chlorine at the end user.

However, due to the recent heavy rains, if the customer’s home storage sump is mixed with rainwater, clean your pumps and tanks with bleaching powder.

As per the directions of the Municipal Minister KTR, one kilogram of bleaching powder and chlorine tablets mixed with water are being distributed to households to clean aquifers. Other details can be found by calling Water Board Customer Care 155313.

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