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August 5, 2020
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Hyd Zoo : ‘International Tiger Day’ events results  

 International Tiger Day was celebrated on 29.07.2020 at Nehru Zoological Park, Hyderabad on this occasion several online programmes were conducted like Slogan Writing, Drawing and painting, Cartoon drawing competitions on 26.7.2020 to 27.07.2020 where in response, we received a huge number of participants. The winners are as follows: –

Slogan Writing  (Junior)

1st Prize: M.Saathvika, Hyderabad 2nd Prize: Advaith, Hyderabad 3rdPrize:G.Shanmukha Anagha, Hyderabad

    Slogan Writing (Senior)

1st Prize: V.Jaidev, Hyderabad 2nd Prize: Ganga Sriya, Hyderabad 3rd Prize: Chaitanya Lalitha Akeela, Hyderabad

Slogan Writing( General)

1st Prize: Simran Kaur, Bengaluru 2nd Prize: G. Advith Reddy, Hyderabad 3rd Prize:  Arya Yadav,

Uttar Pradesh

 Drawing & Painting (Junior)

1st Prize : Vangipurapu Pranav, Hyderabad 2nd Prize: M. Asita Ramani, Hyderabad 3rd Prize: Chinmayee Ch, Hyderabad


Drawing & Painting (Senior)

1st Prize: Jaya Harshini, Hyderabad 2nd Prize: Deepshikha De, Noida 3rd Prize: S. Jillian,



Drawing & Painting (General)

1st Prize: Basani Akshitha, Hyderabad 2nd Prize: Shreya Roy, Hyderabad 3rd Prize: Bindu Madhuri,


 Cartoon Drawing (Junior)

1st Prize: Hana Shaik, Hyderabad 2nd Prize: Omyirra Singh, Hyderabad 3rd Prize: Syeda Kaunain Fathima, Hyderabad


Cartoon Drawing (Senior)

1st Prize : Darsshini, Hyderabad 2nd Prize : Puja Mulchandani Nagpur, Maharastra 3rd Prize : K.Surya Aarush,


 Cartoon Drawing (General)

1st Prize: MD. Abdul Ravoof, Korutla, Jagatiyala, T.S. 2nd Prize: M.Jigar Vyas,


3rd Prize: Simran Kaur, Bengaluru

Winners will get E-Certificate and Special Zoo gift from Nehru Zoological Park, Hyderabad


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