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TS : CM KCR brought ‘green’ aspirations to Telangana: The allure of trainee IFS’s

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Four trainee IFS officers from different states, who have been selected as Telangana cadre IFS officers and are currently in on-the-job training, said that Telangana Chief Minister Kalvakuntla Chandrasekhar Rao guided their Telangana cadre selection with ‘green’ initiations.

The allure of trainee IFS’s  i.e., the greenery for Telangana being carried out in the state of Telangana, the alternative forest development works to be undertaken with Kampa funds and the forest conservation programs, especially the government’s encouragement to the forest authorities were further assured. In the same spirit, they proudly stated that they have chosen the Telangana cadre under the leadership of CM KCR with the intention of providing their services to the people of Telangana.

G.Dinesh (Tamil Nadu), Prashant Bajirao Patil (Maharashtra), Naveen Reddy (Telangana), Neeraj Tibrewal (Uttar Pradesh) are among the 2019 batch IFS officers currently selected for the Telangana cadre and undergoing on-job training in Telangana.

He described the current situation as a boon to forest development, forest rejuvenation and environmental initiatives, and said he was pleased to have the opportunity to work in order to contribute to greenery growth. The trainee IFSs were delighted to be involved in programs that provide clean air and water to future generations in line with the aspirations and aspirations of CM KCR.

Details of On Job Trainee IFS Officers …

G.Dinesh Kumar IFS …

G.Dinesh Kumar from Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu completed his engineering in 2011 at ChennaiMIT. He then served as a Production Engineer at BHCL, Chennai from 2011 to 2019. Doing a job on one side and preparing for competitive exams on the other side. Selected to IFS. Civils wrote in 2019 and was selected for the IFS. After completing his training in Dehradun, he is currently undergoing job training as a Telangana cadre IFS officer at Amrabad Tiger Reserve (ATR).

Prashant Bajirao Patil IFS …

Prashant Bajirao Patil is an Electrical Engineer from Yatmal, Maharashtra. In 2011 he served as a Municipal Engineer in the Mumbai Municipal Corporation for five years till 2016 for five years. He later served in the Indian Navy, Visakhapatnam from 2017 to 2019. Civils were selected for IFS in 2019. Prashant, who has been allotted as a Telangana cadre IFS officer, is undergoing training on job training in Kottagudem forest circle.

Naveen Reddy IFS …

Naveen Reddy, originally from Telangana and Nalgonda, graduated from Hyderabad CBIT in 2012 with an engineering degree. He then provided the best services on the Mumbai Power Grid from 2012 to 2016. On the other hand, he was selected for the IFS in 2019 and scored a goal while preparing for the Civils. Naveen Reddy, who completed his training in Dehradun, is proud to be returning to his home state of Telangana as an IFS officer. He is currently training in Adilabad Circle under On Job Training.

Neeraj Tibrewal IFS …

Neeraj Tibrewal hails from Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh and completed his higher studies at IIT Mumbai in 2010. For the next six years, Deutsche worked as a bank officer in Mumbai and Pune. Worked in countries like Australia in the same way. In 2019, Civils wrote and was selected for the IFS. Sharpening a career is a sign of success. He has completed his training in Dehradun and is currently training at Nirmal as part of his on-the-job training.

The IFS officers, who are currently undergoing on-job training, are expected to complete four months of training here till December and report back to Dehradun in January, where they will complete their final training by next September and join the Telangana Forest Department as regular IFS officers.

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