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TS: Water Board MD Teleconference on implement of support programs

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1.20 crore for resolving sewerage complaints.

An additional 700 staff for emergency services

Decision with directions of Minister KTR

Fresh water quality tests of 10400 samples in 24 hours

Hyderabad: Sewerage complaints should be resolved immediately, said Jalamandali MD Shri. M. Danakishore, ordered the officers. To this end, MD explained that Rs 1.20 crore is being sanctioned to O&M Gyms to hire an additional 700 staff to provide emergency services as per the directions of Minister KTR.

Through a teleconference held this morning, MD reviewed the flood situation and issues to be addressed with the Water Board Directors, CGMs and O&M General Managers.

On the occasion, MD inquired about the areas affected by the heavy rains as well as the fresh water supply and sewerage works under the ORR in the city. It was suggested that sewerage overflow problems at manholes on roads, especially due to rain, should be addressed from time to time. GMs were also instructed to prioritize resolving issues at the home of the public.

Sanitation workers are required to wear protective equipment such as masks and helmets and to bring any problems to the notice of the authorities immediately.

It was also revealed that an additional Rs 50 lakh has been sanctioned to each GM for cleaning and repairing reservoirs, cleaning of reservoir premises and repairs for cleaning of ORR reservoirs. He said fresh water quality tests have been doubled without any problems for the people due to contaminated water. MD explained that 10400 samples were tested in just 24 hours.

Similarly, the distribution of chlorine tablets under the auspices of the Water Board will continue. People are advised to clean submerged sumps and tanks with bleaching powder and then mix chlorine tablets in the water to use the water. Authorities ordered water to be supplied by water tankers to people in the flood-hit area. In addition, MD said drinking water should be provided through water pockets and water cans in rehabilitated areas.

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